Shopify products indexed twice

My products get indexed twice, even if the count (number or products indexed) seems right. Here: (storefront password is Fillion123!)

When I search for a product, example for " Bose SE 151 " it’s there twice. I enabled the option to display the products rather than the variants. But still the same issue. I tried re-indexing the products, but still the same issue. What else should I try? Do you see something wrong your side?

One possible reason could be that we use an app to import/update products daily. And Aloglia is indexing based on Shopify webhooks in “real-time”.

At the moment you’ll check the store, it’s possible that all products will be deleted, since we’re trying to fix this issue by starting from scratch.

Sorry about this, this is definitely not the expected behavior!

I couldn’t see any issue on the front-end side, we’re correctly sending distinct: true in the Algolia request. There might be a missing setting on the Algolia index side, but we should have configured it when you activated the option.

Can you try disabling “Show products instead of variants”, saving and re-enabling it again?​​
The underlying goal is to set attributeForDistinct: "id".