Shopify remove unavailable products

This is different than removing or hiding out of stock products.
We occasionally have products on the store that are not available on any Sales Channels. This is usually how we control stock on our store, since we have a use for negative inventory and continue to offer products for sale when they go below 0.

However, when a product is being built, it is not assigned any sales channels, and the Shopify Algolia app will not index it. Once a sales channel is added, the app proceeds to add it to the index and all is well.

However, if we then remove sales channels, Algolia doesn’t update it. We had an instance in which a product was made unavailable on Friday and it wasn’t updated until Tuesday, probably because something else was changed (an admin added a hidden tag to it to get it to stop showing in search, but that caused it to be removed from the index).

I would like to know if the Shopify Algolia App updates products on sales channels changes, and if so, what is the timeframe for that.