Shopify: show default variant in results, no options selected

Hi, we’re seeing an issue with searching by product rather than variant on a Shopify site.

We have single products displaying in the search results, rather than separate variants.

This is working, but the product that is showing up in search results is the most expensive variant, with optional add-ons selected. We want the results to show the baseline product with no options selected.

(It would work best for us to set it to always show the default product without options selected, rather than trying to exclude multiple individual options.)

I tried the method of adding “[hidden]” to the options, but this doesn’t work well in Shopify because the product is now labeled “[hidden]” in checkout, which will be confusing to customers.


This was also answered via email, but to be transparent here too:
The latest version of our front-end code doesn’t link to a specific variant anymore when you click on a search result with the Show products instead of variants setting checked.