Shopify trial only 50 pages being indexed

It appears that only the first page of page results in Shopify are being indexed by Algolia. Is this a limitation of the trial?

Hi there, it definitely isn’t. The feature is fairly recent, and a bug might have slipped.
I believe you’ve also sent an email on our support. Let’s keep the conversation there. :slight_smile:

I think I’m experiencing the same bug @Jerska. Has this been patched? Can you relay information to fix?

I’m on the free plan right now.

@Jerska @ruffwear it looks like I just had to “upgrade” to the free Community plan (from the free trial) to enable indexing of more than 50 products. Worked like a charm!

Actually, I believe you’ve switched plans on the same day we deployed our bugfix for this issue: . :slight_smile:

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