Shopify : whitelist products instead of blacklisting

I was asked via email if there would be any way to whitelist products to be indexed instead of whitelisting them.

There’s indeed no way today to do such a thing, and this would probably not be a feature used by many users.
We’re trying our best to keep our UI as simple as possible, and hence would like to introduce features that would benefit most users everytime.

There are however two solutions that I could think of which could work.

Tag all products

The best way right now would probably to add an algolia-ignore tag to all products, and remove it from products you want to whitelist.
Tagging all products can actually be done directly from Shopify’s admin, like this:

You would then need to tag any new product with algolia-ignore again though.

Search time solution

If you really want to avoid tagging all products, there’s an alternative at search time.
You could have a filter on this specific tag baked into your API key, allowing users to search only for products with this tag.​
A fair warning though: the app would continue indexing all products as it does today, so you’d be paying for Algolia as if it was used for your whole catalog.

You could then use the API key solution described in Shopify: Add a filter to the autocomplete and / or the search page .
You could then use filters: ‘tags:algolia-index’ to restrict the search to products which have the algolia-index tag.