Should I see this log in the Crawler URL tester console

based on the config below, should I see the message “Does not get called at all” in the console of the URL tester when I test a valid url such as Elumity | Documentation

new Crawler({
  rateLimit: 8,
  maxDepth: 10,
  maxUrls: 5000,
  renderJavaScript: false,
  sitemaps: [""],
  ignoreCanonicalTo: false,
  discoveryPatterns: ["**"],
  schedule: "at 13:51 on Friday",
  actions: [
      indexName: "elumity",
      pathsToMatch: ["**"],
      recordExtractor: ({ helpers }) => {
        console.log("Does not get called at all");
        return helpers.docsearch({
          recordProps: {
            lvl1: ["header h1", "article h1", "main h1", "h1", "head > title"],
            content: ["article p, article li", "main p, main li", "p, li"],
            lvl0: {
              selectors: "",
              defaultValue: "Documentation",
            lvl2: ["article h2", "main h2", "h2"],
            lvl3: ["article h3", "main h3", "h3"],
            lvl4: ["article h4", "main h4", "h4"],
            lvl5: ["article h5", "main h5", "h5"],
            lvl6: ["article h6", "main h6", "h6"],
          aggregateContent: true,
          recordVersion: "v3",
  safetyChecks: { beforeIndexPublishing: { maxLostRecordsPercentage: 30 } },
  initialIndexSettings: {
    elumity: {
      attributesForFaceting: ["type", "lang"],
      attributesToRetrieve: [
      attributesToHighlight: ["hierarchy", "content"],
      attributesToSnippet: ["content:10"],
      camelCaseAttributes: ["hierarchy", "content"],
      searchableAttributes: [
      distinct: true,
      attributeForDistinct: "url",
      customRanking: [
      ranking: [
      highlightPreTag: '<span class="algolia-docsearch-suggestion--highlight">',
      highlightPostTag: "</span>",
      minWordSizefor1Typo: 3,
      minWordSizefor2Typos: 7,
      allowTyposOnNumericTokens: false,
      minProximity: 1,
      ignorePlurals: true,
      advancedSyntax: true,
      attributeCriteriaComputedByMinProximity: true,
      removeWordsIfNoResults: "allOptional",
  appId: "***",
  apiKey: "***",

So I’m not worried if the crawler will extract any links or content, I just want to see if the function is being executed at all, and thus the question if I should be able to see the log.