Show categories not included in navigation setting not working in Magento 2

I need expert help for one issue where i am stuck. My Magento version is “2.3.5-p1” and the Algolia version is “3.0.1”.

I want to hide some categories from the category facets. For that I have changed the “Show categories not included in navigation” setting to “No” and the category setting “Include in Menu” changed to “No”.

But this setting not working, does anyone have any idea how I can hide categories from the category facets.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @vishalp could you clarify what you mean by menu?
Do you mean the top menu (in the header bar) or the hierarchical menu on the search page?

I want to just hide “$3 off 3-ply” category from the category filter. Please check the attached screenshot for reference.


Hi @vishalp, once you’ve made the changes in your configuration, did you clear the cache and then reindex your data with Algolia? This may be needed to pick up the changes you’ve made to the configuration.

Hi @cindy.cullen
Yes, we have cleared the cache and reindex data with Algolia but still not working.