Show location based results within a certain boundary of radii around you

All my items have GeoLocation data stored in algolia.
I want to query items that are between for example 15 and 30 km away.
Atm, I only see an option of specifying a central point and then defining a radius around that point. Meaning I also get results under 15 km away.

    const searchParams = {
      aroundLatLng: `${latitude}, ${longitude}`,
      aroundRadius: 30000,
      facetFilters: [],
      hitsPerPage: MAX_PAGE_SIZE

Maybe something can be done with some geo specific filters (? if that exists)

filters: `distance >= ${15000}`,

How can I query for items that are between the circumferences of two location based circles (in this example inner circle radius: 15000, outer circle radius 30000)