'Show More' button reloads page

I’m using InstantSearch.js with Laravel Scout. I have some refinementList widgets on my search results page that display 10 list items, followed by a ‘Show more’ button to reveal more. However I’m having an issue – when the ‘show more’ button is pressed, additional items are initially displayed (for a split second) but then the page reloads (without retaining any applied refinements), thus collapsing the list again. Can’t figure out why it’s doing that.

This is what my code for that widget looks like:

		container: '#filter-camera-brand',
		attribute: 'brand',
		showMore: true,
		searchable: true,
		searchableIsAlwaysActive: false,
		searchablePlaceholder: 'Find a brand',
		limit: 10,
		cssClasses: {
			showMore: ['xx-small', 'btn--dark'],
			disabledShowMore: ['xx-small', 'btn--dark'],

Hi @renee I cannot see anything in the code you have shared that would cause a page reload, I have made a codesandbox using some of these options and have not been able to reproduce the issue you are seeing: reload facet - CodeSandbox.

I think there might be something else in your site that is causing this issue, are you using our routing? If so does it help when you set routing to false? (in case the routing is conflicting with Laravel’s own routing).

Otherwise please feel free to fork the sandbox I shared above to create an example that shows the issue, so we can reproduce the problem.