Show more option not working after facet value search in instansearch.js


I activated both “show more” and searchForFacetValue options on a refinementList widget. After a facet value search, and cleared the search, the “show more” button doesn’t work anymore.

The “show more” option works fine until a facet value search is made.

Anyone has a solution for this problem?



Hi there,

I’m sorry that you are encountering some issues with InstantSearch.js. I’ve created a jsFiddle for your scenario and I am not able to reproduce it. It is using the latest version of instantsearch.js which is 2.2.0. I’m probably missing a key part in the scenario or maybe I did something wrong. Can you tell me more about your problem and the steps to reproduce?


Edit: I had to change the link to the jsFiddle. Now it should be fine.

Hi Bobylito, thanks for your help with this issue.

I could reproduce the error in your jsFiddle, but apparently it happens after a facet value search finds no results. Here is the video:

Thanks for the video! That’s exactly what I needed. It’s definitely a bug and I opened an issue on isntantsearch.js. I will keep you updated :slight_smile:

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