Show more than 10 facets in connectMenu


I’m new to Algolia, and let me just say that it is damn fine. Damn fine indeed! I’m having a lot of fun setting up search :joy:

I’m setting it up using React InstantSearch. I’m trying to get my head around connectors, as they will be used for a few custom scenarios. For example - I am trying to set up a custom component using ReactSelect (I’m using it over autocomplete.js since it has a lot of built-in behaviour). But I don’t see how I can set the max facets returned, and the selector is only showing 10 items.

Now it could be that I’m taking a suboptimal approach, but in case not - I’d like to know how I can achieve this. The rudimentary code for the component is as follows:

import { Component } from 'react'
import Select from 'react-select'
import { connectMenu } from 'react-instantsearch/connectors'

class SingleSelectFilter extends Component {
  state = { selected: '' }

  onSelect = (selected) => {
    const { refine } = this.props

    this.setState({ selected })

  render = () => {
    const { title, attribute, currentRefinement, items } = this.props
    const { selected } = this.state

    return (

export default connectMenu(SingleSelectFilter)

Thanks :slight_smile: