Show results on partial match

How do I get Algolia to display results on ANY keyword in a search? Example searches in my scenario:

Team name 1 vs team name 2 ← results showing should match first OR second name
Team name 3 versus team name 6 ← results showing should match first OR second name
Team name 2 vs. team name 4 ← results showing should match first OR second name

In each of these searches, I want results to show if they’ve searched even when partial results are found. Basically treating the search as ANY instead of AND.

I’ve looked at rules and prefix documentation, but neither seem to work.

As a user, I find “or” searches most annoying and user-unfriendly

If people type the two teams, they want results for the two teams against each other.
If people type wants results for one team, they’ll type that team

For instrance, if I type “Hubcap Toyota Camry”, I get al lot of hubcaps for any brand, and a lot of misc items for Toyota, some of those for Camry. Utterly useless, except for showing me a lot of stuff they want to persuade me to buy.

Unless you have a very good reason for doing otherwise, try not to give the users other than what they ask for.

Sorry for ranting

Glad I won’t be using your system then.

I don’t think algolia will go against good search practice in the way you want, I guess you must take the input field, split it into words, and feed it separately into a search engine.
If it’s only team names, it might be easier to write your own search with autocomplete, so you can give the user what you want to feed them instead of the information they ask for.

Okay AWM.

If anybody else can address the original question, much appreciated. I’m trying to outline the problem without describing the entire flow of things, but rest assured in this case this isn’t producing irrelevant info. There’s also no search field, the search is triggered by a link, which I have working already.

Got it working, woot!

For anyone else finding this thread, our solution was on the flutter/dart part of our project, not anything unique to Algolia.

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Do you care to hint how?