Show the poweredBy inside the search bar

I would like to have the poweredBy widget display actually inside my search bar. For example, like on this page: Algolia Search API

I’m using the plain JS instansearch.

My current HTML is

 <div id="searchbox"></div>
 <span id="powered-by"> </span>

Which of course just has them stacked. When I placed the span inside the searchbox div it didn’t work.

The relevant (?) part of my js

        container: '#powered-by'
        container: '#searchbox',
        searchAsYouType: false,
        showReset: true,
        showSubmit: true,
        placeholder: 'dash!',
        showLoadingIndicator: true
        container: '#hits',
        escapeHTML: false,
        templates: {
            empty: `<div>
                <p>No results have been found for {{ query }}</p>
                <a role="button" href=".">Reset your search</a>
            item: `
  <h1>{{#helpers.highlight}}{ "attribute": "methodName" }{{/helpers.highlight}}</h1>
  <p>{{#helpers.snippet}}{ "attribute": "description" }{{/helpers.snippet}}</p>
  <p>{{#helpers.highlight}}{ "attribute": "category" }{{/helpers.highlight}}  </p>
  <p><a href="/methods/{{methodName}}/">Details</a></p>
        container: '#pagination'