showMoreLabel not translatable since InstantSearch v3 Magento 2

Hi Algolia,

In a Magento 2 project we implemented the Algolia InstantSearch. During development i found out that the show more button was not translatable. During further inspection if found out that there was a problem in instantsearch.js at allWidgetConfiguration.infiniteHits at line 342. Currently showTextLabel is used for the button text, if you look in the Algolia documentation you should use showMoreText inside templates.
In the following code example you can see how i fixed it:

templates: {
	empty: '',
	item: $('#instant-hit-template').html(),
        showMoreText: algoliaConfig.translations.showMore,

I hope this was any help to fixing the issues, and if you have any more questions please ask :slight_smile:

Hi @brancot.1992!

Thanks for reporting that here! You are correct that the instantsearch option for the showMoreLabel has changed to template.showMoreText.

We have created a pull request based on your suggestion. This will be reviewed and accepted into our next maintenance release:

Let us know if you have any questions regarding that.

Thanks so much for your help!