Simple filter on records in instant search

I tried lots of things and see incredible examples of e-commerce but I just need a simple thing:

Search within one index with a standard filter. For example in SQL:

SELECT * FROM products WHERE name LIKE "%bike%" AND available=true

The last part is the problem which I cannot get done, I want to filter by default on available=true.

You can add a tag filter to the search. Take a look at the documentation about that for more information :smiley:

Does that help you?

Hi @haroen !

Unfortunately not. I have been reading through many of those manuals but no I do not get it.

I use React Native and those manuals don’t sync with React it seems. I have code like this:

Cannot post full code unfortunately: 403 errors on forum - #3 by lucfranken

I understand react and things quite well but those components all seem to link to documentation which does not connect. For example I get here:

The it says:

Widget are not provided for react-native for now, react-native support is handled via connectors, read the react-native guide.

I get to a dead end: Use React InstantSearch with React Native | Algolia

Just a quick example for filtering like the sql example would do wonders.

Aha, in that case you can add filters in the Configure component for that, it takes Algolia parameters as props.

Thanks! Finally got this simple thing done :slight_smile:

This seems to work:

<Configure filters="available:true" />

It’s so simple but so hard to find in those docs.

See, you wrote to me about:

a tag filter

but that’s not how it’s named, as seen in my example, it seems when you have to use configure. It may be good to have some beginner info on that.