Simple path to results UI like Docsearch but using my own Algolia acct

Posting this feels a bit lit admitting defeat… I got some great results with Docsearch, but I want the paid service. I have been able to populate the index successfully, but am getting lost in the complexities of autocomplete.js. All I really want is exactly what is present in docsearch’s widget. I’d like to be able to specify L1 and L2 grouping headers, that is brilliantly crafted in docsearch. How can I achieve this with JSON I push to the index, and the available autocomplete.js components?

Is there a guide on migrating from Docsearch to full Algolia that I missed? I’ve found some great tutorials but nothing quite so simple for my javascript-weak brain!

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Apologies if there is a clear explanation of this and I missed it - I really have been reading docs I swear!


:wave: @stuart

Thank you for your feedback. This is really timely!

We started working on Autocomplete.js v1 to release a version in the coming months. This new version aims at reducing the friction that developers have had over the years at building flexible autocomplete experiences. The goal would be to use this version in DocSearch v3. We’d love to have your thoughts about the recurring frustrations of the library, and what works well. We created a survey that you can fill it in from here.

There is no current “paid” version for DocSearch. You will need to run the DocSearch crawler on your own with your own Algolia plan. If your resources allow it, we are also currently revamping our enterprise site search crawler. You can find out more details here. We can put you in touch with one of our product specialist. Let us know!

Thanks for the details Sylvain. That sounds really exciting.

For my part, I was able to get most of what I was looking for by reverse engineering what DocSearch was expecting, and constructing my Algolia index to return the same. I’m next working on customizing the presentation of some additional elements, and will likely take the path of modifying a fork of DocSearch, since it still provides 95% of what I need and is pretty clean.

I did provide feedback in your survey. Looking forward to seeing what you guys are working on!