Site Speed Issue with Algolia WP/Woocommerce

Since we installed Algolia we have had speed issues with our website. I ran a speed test with Algolia installed and also ran a test without Algolia installed. Our homepage size 4.4mb (4.87s load time) with Algolia and 1.6mb (2.57s load time) without Algolia.

Why is Algolia loading images in the background? What can we do to fix this issue?

Home without Algolia

Home with Algolia

Thank you for reporting this.

Given you enabled instantsearch.js on every page, and that when a page loads, instantsearch triggers a first query behind the scenes, and it actually loads the results.

I will add this as an issue so that we can address it.


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Hi Raymond,

So what can we change today to fix this issue in the meantime?

Why would results load on pages such as the homepage or product page when no query is being searched?



Hi guys,

Can we get some guidance on this issue? We have had performance problems with Algolia installed. We need to solve this issue ASAP.


We need this issue addressed. Is this issue going to be fixed this week or not? We need to move on from Algolia if it is not addressed.

Hi @shawn,

I’ve sent you a DM with the latest version of the plugin which should resolve your issue.

Please note that this only affects users displaying instantsearch.js on every page, and that it isn’t the default behaviour of the plugin.

Let us know how it goes!

could you also message me the latest version? or email bruno[at]vincentius[dot]com

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I sent you the latest version @bruno.crosier

Hello. Is this an official release? Can I update Module Via Magento Connect?

can you please advise on the speed of our search pages? They take 10-20 seconds

Hi @majesty1418,

We have a Magento extension that you can install via the Magento connect, please checkout our Magento community website.


Hi @charlie1,

What takes time on your website is the initial loading time of your page.

You could try reducing that by simplifying the SQL queries done by default by WooCommerce.

If you are using other Search plugins, I would recommend you disable those.

If not, then you should take a look at how to alter the native WP_Query object to make it generate less intensive SQL queries.


hey i never received this. can you send it to (be aware that you wont be able to send a .zip file in an email if youre using gmail)

Thanks for the guidance about fixing Magento speed issues, I have fixed my store through the help of this guide, apart from this, I am using Cloudways managed magento hosting ( for my store, so, they have also run their full page cache extension.