Skip subdomain search (LARAVEL SCOUT)

Currently we have a problem on our website, since we have several development servers and one in production, the development servers are subdomains of the production one, but when uploading test information in the development ones, it appears in the production one in the search results.

We need to configure algolia to skip subdomain searches and only focus on the main domain.

Does anyone know how this configuration could be done?

P.S. We use SCOUT from laravel to use Algolia.
PD2: This was the only reference I found on the subject in the documentation.

Hey @agrogo! What sort of set of indices do you have?

If you haven’t already, you can set up an Index per environment to keep your data clean. Then set which index is pushed to by using environment variables.

Some common practices are in this doc: Manage Your Application Environment | Sending and Managing Data | Guide | Algolia Documentation