sliderState.currentRefinement getting a wrong min and max for my weeklypay attribute

I am having an Algolia issue where the RefinementRange gets the wrong min and max value. I get my max value as 3024 while I have values greater than it. Any suggestion ?

Hi @collins
In order to determine the min and max values in a set of facets the engine optimizes the computation by looking at the pre-computed best documents. It’s a list of 1000 documents that are best ranked according to the custom ranking. The facets counts and values are retrieved from this subset only. The reason behind this design choice is that computing facet counts is an expensive computation process.

In cases where there are > 1000 different facet values (especially if there is high cardinality, which it looks like your dataset has in this attribute), the min and max can be off.

In order to counteract this, if you know your min and max, you can set those parameters in your range slider.

Hope this helps!