Slow indexing (on trial account?)

Hey there,

I am currently assessing Algolia as a search for our Shopify store. It is indexing at a speed of ~ 2.000 products/1h. I am wondering if that is the top speed, even for paid plans, or if this is the result of a rate limit on trial accounts?!



Marketing guy from Algolia here, so don’t take my word at 100%, but there’s no throttled speed for indexing. Was working with a customer yesterday on WordPress and he saw a drastic difference in indexing speed form his sandbox environment (server in his house) and indexing from production (premium hosting service) - is there a chance the speed limitation is on your side?

Another possibility is that the server that you are currently using isn’t the closest server to you. You should be able to see in the infrastructure tab of your dashboard which server you’re assigned to. Is it the closest one?

If these are silly questions, someone smarter than me should come along and help out so feel free to reply :slight_smile:

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Hey Liam, thanks for getting back to me that quickly.

Shopify being an SaaS, there is very little I can do to tweak things. The integration works through the “Algolia Search” app on the Shopify App Store, and there are no parameters to tune for anything regarding indexing speed. On the other hand this means that there should be virtually no environment-specific speed impediments like your other customer experienced.

Shopify does have an API call limit with 2 calls / second though. But 2000 products / hour still only equals ~ 0,56 calls / second. So even if the app uses just one API key internally, there is still capacity left over.

So yeah… still wondering. :slight_smile:


(I am actually not quite sure how those app connections work, and if they could use more than one API key. That would be neat!)


When you download Algolia for Shopify, one of the steps is creating an Algolia account - should be able to login here. I believe the issue is less about API rate limits and more about connection between Algolia’s servers where your site is hosted (even if with Shopify).

Without seeing what you’re trying to index and what Algolia data center you’re using (which you can see in the Algolia dashboard for your account), I’m afraid I can’t help. What I can tell you is that it’s not because you’re on a trial account, it’s not a rate limit from Shopify, and it’s not a limitation on Algolia’s index speed based on your account status (preferred indexing based on pricing plan doesn’t exist with Algolia).

Hey Will,

Adding on top of that, you may be experiencing slowing re-indexing rate if you’re also indexing metafields (

Real-time updates should propogate in a matter of minutes, but a full index/re-index can take a lot of time because of the way Shopify’s API handles not only rate limit but the organization of how data can be called.