Slow(ish) Reponse with Magento

I am looking for a new search engine to replace the OOTB Magento 1.x on-site search.

Algolia plugin is super easy to install and get working.

However, when the user searches and clicks from the autocomplete popup, it take 2-5 seconds for the logic to get executed and the user to get redirected.

Other SaaS services are immediate, presumably because they don’t have to go through the app layer, but rather just make an http request on click.

Question: Is the 2-5 second click typical? Are there any workarounds or initial thoughts?


Hi Ronnie,

The results are typically instant with Algolia. 2 to 5 seconds is absolutely unusual. There shouldn’t be any logic when the user clicks on the product/category, they are simple links.

Do you have an online version when I can have a look?

Thanks @julienbourdeau, I think the issue is related to pages not being cached. Proceeding with testing, thanks!

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