Snippet not working

Hey folks, we are experiencing a weird issue with the snippet tag. On my local env everything works fine but when we push to our beta server results don’t return and the search breaks? The settings are identical in our dashboard between the indexes? Am I using the code wrong here? Using Vue-Instantsearch v1 still.

<div class="flex-1 title p-4 pl-0 lg:pl-4 xl:pl-0 lg:pt-0 xl:pt-4">
      <h4 class="font-semibold text-sm mb-2 text-blue"><ais-highlight :result="result" attribute-name="name"></ais-highlight></h4>
      <p class="text-xs leading-normal text-blue-grey"><ais-snippet :result="result" attribute-name="description"></ais-snippet></p>

I also have the “Attributes to snippet” set on both indices to description.

The issue was a data issue description came back null for some items in beta and was throwing an error. fixed by adding a check on the description.

Glad you could find a solution! And thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: