Snippets in results

I’m having issues with the post snippets in the autocomplete results – at least for me they are completely irrelevant. It seems to pick random things off the page. It seems like there should be an option in the plugin to turn this off. (I tried adding some code to my stylesheet to do this but it did not work.)

Better yet, why not have an option to use the OG:description? For those of us that use Yoast these are already available and optimized.

Hi @jon,

Could you tell us if you are using the plugin for WordPress or for WooCommerce?
Also could you confirm the version you are using?

Regarding the autocomplete description, we try to display the best matched part of the content of your articles. I’d be very keen to understand what kind of description isn’t expected in your case.

Regarding coupling with the Yoast plugin, this would require some custom coding but is do-able via customizing the autocomplete template like documented here:

Let me know if that helps. I’d gladly dig more into your use case.

Wordpress, version 1.7.

For the descriptions most of the time they are just redundant. In my case most of my searches are for the names of wines. The snippets are oftentimes just the name of the wine (which is also in the title). Other times they just seem to be random bits of info pulled from the post. Try typing in “chateau” for example on my site.

Yes, I saw that documentation but unfortunately it is beyond my technical expertise, which I’m guessing is the case with a lot of wordpress users. It would be great to have the ability to at least turn the snippets off via the plugin.


Just following up to see if you had any other solutions for me…thanks

Hi @jon,

I don’t have any immediate easy to integrate solution.
I highly value your feedback though and we will make sure to take actions based on it.

Would you want to keep the “description” anyway if it was more relevant?
What would “relevant” mean in your case? We currently use the “snippet” feature of Algolia, which means that if you type the name of a product, you would indeed have part of the description being a duplicate of the title.

Happy to discuss this more to see what the ideal description snippet would be.

For my use case, I think the ideal would be if the plugin had the option to not show the snippet. I would imagine this might also be useful for others as well if, for example, they are selling products and the searches are based on the product name (which would give redundant results).

FYI, I was finally able to hide the snippets in the results through CSS. I think the ability to turn it off in the plugin itself would still be useful but at least for now I have a solution.