Some cool Algolia use cases


We’ve built at Algolia 2 samples that are pretty cool, we’d love if you could take a look and let us know your thoughts!

  • Chatbots: Build your own chatbot with Algolia Answers and the DialogFlow Messenger chatbot UI. This sample app implements a chatbot that answers your questions about Covid-19 vaccines. With chatbots, you can ask questions using your natural language instead of using artificial search queries. Algolia Answers extracts the users’ intent from their questions (semantic understanding) and offers best-matching answers without the need for extra training of the model.

Head over to the Algolia Samples repo and see how you can let Algolia Answers pre-trained AI handle the intent matching.

  • Saved search: Build a search alert with Algolia, Firebase, Sendgrid and Twilio. Use the power of APIs and keep users updated with the latest results that match their search. This sample app shows how you can “save” a search. The app automatically notifies you when new matching items become available. Saved searches are great for automating repetitive search queries, and to keep up to date with changing content, for example, on websites with real-estate listings and online marketplaces.

Check the Algolia Samples repository on GitHub.



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