Some US Addresses are not present in Algolia Places Api and Remove Algolia Signature from bottom of the suggestions dropdown in Algolia Place Api


We need support on below items, please advise

  • Some US addresses are not coming as suggestions in the Algolia Places Api. These are the addresses which are not available in Algolia.
  1. 280 Marshall Ave,Beaver Falls, PA

  2. 4892 Maple Cove Rd,Langley, WA

  3. 2109 Fox Dr, Champaign,IL

  4. 3042 N County Road 69, Manila, AR

  5. 325 WALNUT GARDENS DR, Cordova, TN, 38018

  6. 23994 KALEB DR, Corona, CA, 92883

  7. 21823 MT HUNT DR, Spring, TX

  8. 5565 West Lodestone Ave, SALT LAKE CITY, UT, 84118

  • Is there any way to remove Algolia Signature “search by algolia” from Algolia suggestions dropdown in Algolia Places Api.