Sorting items in collection in Shopify


Is there a method for sorting items in a collection using the Shopify collection manual sort order using Algolia Shopify collection?

Hey James,

Thanks for reaching us ! I am Alex developer at Algolia, working on the Shopify Integration. :slight_smile:

I am not sure to fully understand your question, the sort order is already a method to sort the items.
All the sort orders indices that you created in our application is available for both the product search but also collection product pages (/collection/my-custom-collection). You just have to click at the top right corner, and select with which criteria you want it to be displayed : per popularity etc …

Those indices (e.g shopify_products_recently_ordered_count_desc) are replicas of the main indices shopify_products, I believe you can through the dashboard change the ranking formula or searchable attributes. This will work for both product search page and collection search page.

Does that answer your questions ?



Hi Alexandre,

I think James was meaning to ask whether it is possible to sort the collection results manually using the Shopify manual sort order feature.

Shopify Sort Order

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Algolia Sort Orders

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Hi @kinson,

Ok, definitely make sense now. So actually this is not possible through the Shopify manual sort order feature however, you can use Algolia’s query rules to implement your ranking strategy. I recommend you have a look at those two topics to implement query rules on collection :

Let me know if you have other questions!