Source image is unreachable

I can’t get any preview of images in the dashboard. All I get is a “Source image is unreachable” in the response when it tries to get the image. I have verified that the url I’ve configured does work when opening in a separate tab, so not sure why it doesn’t work in the dashboard.

I have checked that I can access the image url from other hosts, which I can, so not sure why they doesn’t show in the dashboard in algolia.

@tomas.jansson welcome to the community!

Can we double-check your image display settings? Perhaps something is misconfigured here.

From the Algolia Dashboard, click the ‘Display Preferences’ button above the results. Select the ‘Images’ tab at the top in the modal that appears and see what you have set here.

  1. Double-check that the image attribute is assigned correctly - there’s a chance this is on the wrong attribute.
  2. If you use complete URLs in your records, you’ll want to ensure that a prefix or suffix isn’t configured.
  3. If you are using segmented URLs in your records, ensure your prefix and suffix are configured properly.

Let me know if you are still having issues after checking these values. Happy to help further, let us know! Thanks!

It was our config in Akamai that was the issue. Just needed to whitelist the user agent that was used and it started working.

@tomas.jansson makes sense! Glad you were able to get this figured out. Happy building!