Source map error: Error: Invalid URL:

Hey there I keep getting this error

Source map error: Error: Invalid URL: webpack://[name]/./src/autocomplete-theme-classic.scss
Resource URL:     /dist/algoliasearchNetlify.css

Source Map URL:

This is the stylesheet url i am using inside of Helmet tags
href=“” />

And my call to the JS
script.src = “”;

Im not sure if this is causing the issue but on mobile when a user clicks a selection the box remains up and the user has to click out of it manually after the new page loads

URL of site

Still running into issue

Hi @steven1 I couldn’t find the error you mentioned above but I do see other javascript errors on the page:

Can you provide step my step instructions to see the error you’ve mentioned?

Hi @steven1,
I am able to see the source map error (it’s a warning actually) with Firefox. We’ll need to clean it, but it shouldn’t impact the UI behaviour.

Otherwise, we have indeed noticed issues with the “Touch UI” (fullscreen search popup) not closing properly on Gatsby powered websites. This is because how Gatsby handle links, using its local cache instead of really loading the clicked link. We will work on fixing it.
However, like Cindy, I’m not able to reproduce the issue on your website using the “Device mode” of my browsers debugger. Did you manage to fix it since your last message?

In any case, we will try to provide a fix for all Gatsby powered websites. Thanks!