Specify which characters to be normalized

Dear Algolia

What are your plans on providing an option for which characters to be normalized? I use your product in eth Scandinavian market where we have three special characters æøå. Currently typotolerance, highlights, snippets etc are not working because you normalize these characters. Our customers complain about these flaws. It seems to be an easy task to enable this feature since you must have a list of characters that are not being normalized somewhere in the code?`Please consider this. Eventually we have to move away from Algolia if this is not fixed even though we would rather stay; we love your product.

Cheers Jens

Hi Jens!

Thanks a lot for reaching out!
You are totally right about this issue, and we have got a lot of feedback about this issue for Scandinavian languages, as well as others, such as Turkish.
We have plan to implement a fix at the very beginning of next year (2018), as we are still today in a design and specification phase.

You will have to hang tight a bit, but I assure you that this issue is among our next batch of features!

Don’t hesitate if you have more questions!

Well that is great news :slight_smile: We hang tight for a while then.

When you say that you will implement a fix in the early 2018 do you also mean that you will release it at that time?

Furthermore, if you did not think about it then this feature should also be supported in other functionalitites e.g. highlight ‘MathedWords’ which are currently normalized.