Standard Plan - Recommend

We are seeking clarification on using the Standard Plan with Recommend. Is this possible? Or is the Premium Plan required in order to use Recommend? We are receiving mixed feedback.

To further this confusion, in the admin tab (in Magento) under Algolia, the Subtab is called Personaliztion.

Hi Richard,

Recommend is a separate product with its own pricing and APIs that let you retrieve and serve ML-driven product recommendations anywhere on your site, separate to search. You would purchase it at and use it alongside your Standard plan for Search.

Personalization is a feature of the Premium plan for Algolia Search that brings personalized relevance into the search ranking algorithm.

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Hi again Chuck,

Our development team is saying the premium account plan is required because of how Click and events are set up with Magento. E.g. under the personalization configuration. Is this true?

See the attached pictures.

Hi Richard, that sounds right. Iā€™m guessing the Magento integration handles passing the events over to Algolia, but Personalization happens within the Algolia engine directly, and is a Premium feature.