Stats Widget doesn't update when using instantsearch and autocomplete


We are using instantsearch and autocomplete.
We are trying to display the current hit number in a button. Using stats widget, this seems to work at initialization but it’s never been updated:

Initial state (with 1234 results):

After searching (with 2 results):

We supposed that it has to be an issue with the way we use autocomplete but we didn’t manage to find a way to fix it so far.

searchClient = algoliasearch(searchId, searchKey);
instantSearchRouter = instantsearch.routers.history();

let searchClient = this.searchClient;

search = instantsearch({
    indexName: this.indexVehicles,
    routing: this.instantSearchRouter

        container: '.nbVehicle',
        templates: {
            text: `
            {{#hasNoResults}}Pas de véhicule{{/hasNoResults}}
            {{#hasOneResult}}Voir le véhicule{{/hasOneResult}}
            {{#hasManyResults}}Voir les {{#helpers.formatNumber}}{{nbHits}}{{/helpers.formatNumber}} véhicules{{/hasManyResults}}



//autocomplete initialized following the documentation:
    container: "#search_container",
    placeholder: "Peugeot 308, Renault Megane, ...",
    openOnFocus: true,
    plugins: [querySuggestionsPlugin],
    initialState: {
        query: searchPageState.query || '',
    onSubmit({ state }) {
       setInstantSearchUiState({ query: state.query });
    onReset() {
       setInstantSearchUiState({ query: '' });
    onStateChange({ prevState, state }) {
        if (prevState.query !== state.query) {
            debouncedSetInstantSearchUiState({ query: state.query });

Thank in advance for help

Solution found: there was missing the virtual search box to manipulate instantsearch