Street level accuracy

Hi !

I’m trying to get street-level accuracy in Algolia Places 1.15.1.
However, while the demo version can get house-level accuracy, doing the same query with my API key only yields street-level accuracy (the adresses are in France).

Is it a limitation of the non-paid version or am I doing something wrong ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Guillaume,

By default, Algolia Places only supports up to street level precision, which is why you may see a discrepancy between the geolocation returned by Algolia Places and GoogleMaps.

However, we have recently implemented a house-level precision solution for France (and only for France). This solution is an opt-in beta, and if you want, we can add your application to the list of participants. The community website is one of the applications that is part of that opt-in beta, which is why you see a difference in results with your application.

However, note that the house level precision will only be for France, other countries will still be limited to street-level precision. If your use case is restricted to France, we’d be glad to onboard you.


Thanks for your answer.

I’d be happy to apply for it, as my application is only used in France !

It should now be enabled :slight_smile:

Hi jonathan,

How can i have the house precision ? We are in France.
My APP_ID : plW97ZA9O5KX

Best regards

It’s now enabled :slight_smile:

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Hi Jonathan,

I’m struggling as well with house level precision as I definitely need it for my app. The official documentation (e.g., says it is not supported – and then I just found this post here.

Is there any update in regards to house number precision? Any added countries? Austria would be crucial for me but actually the whole world.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Georg,

Unfortunately, street level precision is still limited to France, and there are no short-term or medium-term plan to extend it beyond France, as the market is sadly not sufficiently large to support the development and maintenance efforts.


That’s unfortunate. Thank you for the fast reply!