Stuff missing from analytics for searches with no results

In the “searches with no results” section of the “Weekly search report” email, I noticed some queries with zipcodes (numbers only and no letters).

When I get to the analytics section of my algolia dashboard (or through api , I cannot find those queries. And as there are only some with proper letters and words, I suspect queries with numbers only to be somehow filtered. Can someone confirm the behaviour or help me ?

Hi @smknstd,
There could definitely be some differences between what you see in the weekly search report e-mail and in the dashboard / from the API. This is because:

  1. What is displayed on the dashboard might have a different timeframe than what is sent in the weekly report. Please try changing the timeframe in the dashboard to match the week just before the e-mail is set:

  1. Regarding filters: In the “No Results” section of your analytics dashboard, you should be able to see if there were any filters applied in addition to the query string that led to no results. Something like this:

If you click on the “of which n filtered”, you’ll be able to see which filters were applied:

Hope this helps – don’t hesitate to reach out if you have follow-up questions!

Thanks for answering. Unfortunately it didn’t help find those lost queries. But I keep searching :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear you weren’t able to find them! A couple of other things to check other than time frame: Do you have multiple indices on your account? If so, are you looking at the right one on analytics?

If you’re still having trouble, please write a note to with the appID, index name, and date that you received that weekly search report. We’d be happy to take a look!