Suggestion box doesn't offer more complex suggesions of entering incorrectly keyword


Anybody could help to configure Algolia, because now, some suggestions doesn’t show in suggestion box, for example:

If I searching “OP-1” - I’m getting correctly suggestions:

If I searching “OP1” - I’m getting 0 results:

Another case:

If I searching “SE425” - I’m getting suggestion:

but if I searching just numbers “425” - I’m getting 0 results:

It’s quite nonsense & I guess Algolia is smarter to find such queries.

Hello @vincas,

"OP-1" vs. “OP1” use-case

By default, hyphen (-) is “translated” to a space in Algolia. So when you search for query OP-1, it’ll be correctly found.

But when you search for query OP1, nothing will be found, as there is no word OP1 in your records, there are only OP-1 and OP 1 (with a space).

And query OP1 is too short for typo-tolerance to kick in as by default it starts to work for queries with at least 4 characters. You can lower this limit Algolia dashboard. But be careful as it might break your relevance for another queries.

"SE425" vs. “425” use-case

By design, Algolia doesn’t natively support infix / suffix matching and therefore won’t find substrings starting at a non-zero index within a string. Only prefix matching is natively supported.
So if the word in your records doesn’t start with 425 it won’t be found.

You can follow this tutorial to work around that.

Thanks @jan.petr for reply!