Support multiple languages with Shopify Translate & Adapt

I have Algolia on a Shopify Hydrogen store using the example template.

My store is in English and French, translations are managed using Shopify’s Translate & Adapt app.

I would like customers to be able to retrieve search results based on their viewing language. For example, an English customer searching “rings” will get the same results as a French customer searching “bagues”.

I have started to follow the instructions on the Algolia FAQ on “How to support multiple languages”.

The first step is to “Add all the required translated data within metafields associated with the product”.

Has anyone with a similar set up tried this? I’m not sure that Translate & Adapt uses metafields so possibly need an alternative solution for providing internationalised search

I hope you are doing well. Have you manage to find a solution ? I’m currently facing the same problem.


Hi, have you found a solution?