Swift API Client v8 and InstantSearch iOS v7 are released 🎉

Hello there :wave:

We are glad to announce the release of brand new Swift API Client v8. :rocket:
Let’s check out its key highlights!


It’s a pure stand-alone Swift client so it is not tighten to any platform.
In comparison with the previous version, it provides many new methods and from now can be used as a full-fledged client including server side applications.

Provides good Results

Each API call result is now represented by built-in Swift Result type which facilitates processing of the results returned by the API method and to dispatch them to other parts of your application.

Codable all the things

The interaction with API client is drastically simplified thanks to usage of built-in Encodable/Decodable protocols.
Integration of Codable models existing in your project had never been easier.

Advanced Keypaths usage

Build API Client structures using the power of Swift keypaths

Rich code documentation

Each method is documented with detailed description of each parameter


The new client is verbose so it let know what’s going on while you are using the client. You won’t miss if something went wrong. It’s up to you to define which level of logs you might want to see in your console. You can change it using AlgoliaSearchClient.Logger.minSeverityLevel value.

InstantSearch v7

We released the new version of InstantSearch v7 built on top of the new Client and fixing a few bugs of the previous version.

:raised_hands: Call for feedback

If you are already an Algolia user or if you plan to be, please share any feedback you may have via:

GitHub issues or Pull Requests