SWIFT Client Build Errors

Trying to install Algolia Search Client using Cocoapods in Xcode 11.2 and am unable to build my project after install. It is currently throwing 23 errors all stating " Type of expression is ambiguous without more context"

Hi @lightpixeldesigns, can you confirm that you are installing according to this documentation? or are you installing some other way?


I have installed it exactly as stated in the documentation and even upgraded Xcode to the latest version. Still getting 23 errors all saying the same thing.

Hi @lightpixeldesigns can you provide the error message and stack trace if available?

So i was able to do a clean install of the pod again and got rid of the 23 errors but now following the tutorial I’m getting this error when trying to initialize. “Cannot find ‘Client’ in scope”

Hi @lightpixeldesigns, can you provide a code snippet so that we can see your code?