SwiftyJSON - var searchIndex: Index! Error

Every time I import SwiftyJSON into my project. I throws an error with Index! Does anyone know how to fix this?

class SearchVC: UITableViewController {
    var businessSearch = [Business]()
    var businessIndex: Index!
    let query = Query()
    var searchId = 0
    var displayedSearchId = -1
    var loadedPage: UInt = 0
    var nbPages: UInt = 0

Indeed, importing SwiftyJSON in the same file as Algolia leads to the following compile-time error:

error: reference to generic type 'Index' requires arguments in <...>
    var businessIndex: Index!

This is because SwiftyJSON also defines an Index type. The solution is to disambiguate the type by prefixing it with the module name:

var businessIndex: AlgoliaSearch.Index!
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