[Symfony] Impossible to connect, please check your Algolia Application Id

Hello !

I’m trying to work with Algolia on a Symfony app. An other dev and me are working nearly with the same config and use Git etc…

The problem is : I can’t connect to Algolia but he can. We have the same files, we use the same ID key (same .env file) but I use wamp and he use xamp.

I tried to add the cacert.pem file but it doesn’t resolve anything.

Do you have any solutions? :smiley:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @felix.dumitrascu!

Fellow Algolia user here. Couple of debug resources for you (in case you didn’t happen across them already):

  1. Turn on debug mode in the PHP client: \Algolia\AlgoliaSearch\Log\DebugLogger::enable();

  2. Check the Search logs in the Algolia Dashboard (found under Indices > Search API logs)

Good luck!


DebugLogger doesn’t display any error. Maybe I use it wrong?
In my IDE (PhpStorm), it’s showing crossed out. Same for my colleague.

I only have /get 200 in Algolia Indices and it’s not mine but from the other dev.

Thx !