Sync'ing new or updated posts + staging

Hello @rayrutjes ,

I just came up with a situation which I hope has a solution to it. If Algolia syncs once the Save Post action is called (not sure if it’s the right term used), how does that work in a staging environment?

I have a client who updates his products regularly. He has about 6000 products.We usually work on staging then push to live once we make sure everything is good.

  1. If we push his product list to sync any kind of information (on live site), we get thousands of tasks in the Indexing queue. The result is a slower import (instead of 20 minutes, it goes for hours and hours).

  2. If we do so in staging, we need to turn of Algolia plugins, since they keep trying to push but nothing happens (I guess it is normal since it is in staging?). The staging site is on the server, not local.

  3. If we push the products in staging while Algolia is turned off, then push the staging site to live, turn on Algolia, nothing happens (I guess because there was no Post Save action done?).

I hope my scenario was clear. Looking to know what is the best way to go around this. We have previously re-indexed everything when we go back to live, but that deletes all our settings (synonyms, typo tolerance etc…) so that option is out the window.

Hi @paul1,

There are 2 issues in what you are saying:

  • Indexing can be slow,
  • Settings / synonyms are reseted when we operate a full re-index.

We are working on making a major release which will solve those 2 issues.

Unfortunately, this takes a bit longer than expected given the impact it has on the existing code.
That being said, we are confident that the indexing will be way faster and that you will be able to safely keep your settings.

Please bear with us!

Haha just advised my client and he’s gonna be bearing with all of us :wink:

We’re working around it for now, screenshots of the settings pages and being careful with the updates…

Thanks for getting back to me!

Best regards,