Syncronization issue between Algolia and Firestore local emulator data

The path field is not properly synchronized as you can see in the attachments. For some reason, the item path is transformed to some kind of firestore reference when it is not the case.

Any suggestions?

I haven’t tested changing the slash with a pipe for instance, however, that would require a migration of the production DB plus several changes in the code, so I would expect a solution from the functions to amend the synchronization.

Issue found! For anyone facing the same issue here is the problem:

Algolia adds default fields if these are not specified, objectID and path, which in my case the path default field is overriding my custom path field.

The solution I’ll try is to specify the field I do want to sync and hopefully the else condition will use my path instead of the default one.

I’ll keep you posted if it works.

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It worked!

If you have a field called path or objectID by chance, in order to get your values into the Algolia index you MUST define the fields in your test-params.env file.

Remember to add the configuration to your firebase project extension!

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