Synonyms disappeared from configuration page of application dashboard

Hi there,
I am in Community plan and use synonyms feature in my application. But yesterday I noticed synonyms option had disappeared from configuration page in dashboard UI. When I manually open[APP_ID]/explorer/configuration/[INDEX_NAME]/synonyms, I see " This setting is not available in your current plan.". But I am still able to manage synonyms via API. So my question is where is synonyms configuration UI?

This really depends on your plan.

It’s possible you had access to a feature because feature-gating was wrongfully enforced.

For instance, the previous Community plan was not supposed to have access to synonyms, and I wouldn’t be surprised that the Dashboard was recently updated to reflect this limit which was part of the pricing itself.
It’s a possibility that the API code might be updated to reflect this change in the future too.

According to the official pricing page ( ), the Community plan supports synonyms. Is it meant both UI and API access or… ?

Hi @site_admin,

If your application is on our current (v7) Community plan, ie if you created this app or moved to this plan in 2019, you should have access to synonyms from both the dashboard and the API indeed.

So that we can check if something is off for you, could you please give us access to your app here: ?
When this is done please reach out to precising your app ID and the index name you are currently working on, and please also reference this topic.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks @marie.gillier. Done and waiting for the response.

Thanks! we received your email and rerouted it to our dashboard team, you will receive an answer shortly!