Synonyms for Numerical Values


I am looking to use Algolia to search a large number of alpha numeric part numbers and descriptions.

An issue has arisen where I am not getting the expected hits for a given query string due to only partial numbers being entered.

For example, my part number is ‘MY4-IN/024DC’. If I search for ‘MY4 024’ it returns this result correctly.

If however I search for ‘MY4 24’ i.e. search without the leading zero, then no results are returned.

I have attempted to use synonyms to fix this issue, the tests I have run used “Synonym 24 :left_right_arrow: 024” and “One-way Synonym, 24 → (024)”. Neither changed the search results returned.

I have used alpha based synonyms successfully for other issues, but numerical synonyms don’t seem to work…does anyone have any other suggestions or can anyone see anything I’m doing wrong?

Hope you can help and thanks in advance.