Synonyms for Part Numbers

I’m looking for the best way to do synonyms for part numbers. We only have Algolia searching certain sections of our website to increase the page load speed, and inside those sections is the beginning of a part number, but not all of the options.

For example, we might list a top-level part number as 14wmps in the section that is indexed by Algoloa, but the full part number 14wmps-2-316l-7 is not in that indexed section. This causes users who search a full part number to find no results in our search. I can create a synonym so that if someone searches 14wmps-2-316l-7 it will pull up the page that shows 14wmps, HOWEVER my issues comes that the search shows no results UNTIL the person enters the entire part number.

Therefore, I’d like the 14wmps page to appear if someone searches 14wmps-, 14wmps-2, 14wmps-2-, 14wmps-2-3, 14wmps-2-31, 14wmps-2-316, 14wmps-2-316l, 14wmps-2-316l- and 14wmps-2-316l-7. But when I add all of those as synonyms it doesn’t work… please advise the best way to do this.