Synonyms Getting Replaced on Index

When an index is done the synonyms are erased in my algolia dashboard please advise thanks

Hi @charlie,

Synonyms are supposed to be kept between re-index tasks.

Could you detail the steps here so that I can re-produce and fix this issue?

I create the synonyms. Everytime I do a re-index everything they go away

Hey @charlie, I have this same problem, except I’m using Jekyll.

I’m using the algoliasearch-jekyll gem.

I set the synonyms in the Algolia dashboard. Run my Jekyll-Algolia index script (bundle exec jekyll algolia push). Synonyms are blown out in the dashboard.

_config.yml looks something like this:

  application_id: ID
  index_name: INDEX
  read_only_api_key: KEY
  record_css_selector: p,li,blockquote
    - unordered(text)
    - posted_at
    - title
    - h1
    distinct: false

Site indexes fine, but the synonyms are blown out every time. Help?

I guess @charlie doesn’t work here anymore… perhaps @rayrutjes could weigh in?

Hey @matt.kiser, we’ll follow up on the issue opened on GH: