Synonyms not taken into account (After query word match)

Hello everyone !

I am configuring the search engine for my company, it’s really easy and interesting to do but I struggle with one thing (and I didn’t find it in the Algolia documentation).

My business is about helping home owners to find the right project (and right contractor) for their works. Example : electrician for interior lights.
So my search results are all and only projects “House construction”, “Interior lights” etc.

My point is difficult to explain but I will give you a specific example where I meet this problem :
I have a project called “House construction” and another one is “Architect”.

For the project “Architect” and “House construction”, I defined common synonyms such as “architect, plan, plans, house, house plans, construction, architecture etc…”

But when I type “house plans” for instance, I have only the project “House construction” that shows because “house” match directly with the search result “House construction” while it doesn’t with Architect.
It’s the same with the word “tree/trees” where i type “trees plantation”, according to my synonyms I should have the project “Garden design” that appears along with “Trees care”. But only the last one appears.

The only solution i found is to set “house” or “trees” (and other words like that) in optional words.

Do you have please another solution or an explanation to this issue ?

My current ranking config :
Remove Stop Words TRUE
Remove words if no results FIRSTWORDS
Prefix Search PREFIXLAST

  • many optional words

Thanks a lot in advance, at your disposal if you need precision.