Syntax Error: Invalid character escape sequence: \

I have a Gatsby blog that I have deployed with Netlify. I am following the Gatsby documentation but am getting stuck at the “Test your Indexing” point. I am getting this error:

success Building static HTML for pages - 0.489s - 171/171 349.79/s
[Algolia] 1 queries to index
[Algolia] Running 1 query for index Pages...
⠙ onPostBuild

  GraphQLError: Syntax Error: Invalid character escape sequence: \..

not finished onPostBuild - 0.211s

after running gatsby clean and then gatsby build

Here is the code I have written thus far… I am not sure where the invalid character is located in my code base. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @isaac2, as this appears to be an issue related to how Gatsby has integrated Algolia, you will need to get support from the Gatsby team. This is not an official Algolia implementation.

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Thank you @cindy.cullen Can you point me in the right direction for an official Algolia implementation using GatsbyJS, please?

Hi @isaac2, we do not have an officially supported Gatsby plugin, but we do have this which is in beta.

Thank you @cindy.cullen for your assistance. I will utilize that plugin.

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