Tech docs search for pypyr task-runner provided by DocSearch

Thank you so much to DocSearch & Algolia for your open-source programme!

Check out the shiny new search on pypyr docs … Other than the amazing functionality powered by DocSearch, I also love how customizable you’ve made the styling options - it gave me the power to do the necessary tweaking to get the search box and hit boxes to look and feel at home in the site’s design!

The pypyr website is built with static site generator Hugo and hosted on GitHub Pages, with CI/CD automation for automated deployments with pypyr itself. And now, of course, with search powered by Algolia!

Thanks again for making this possible! This is such a powerful addition to any tech docs website, and it makes the open-source world a better and more easily navigable space for companies like Algolia to contribute like this :smiley:

And some more info on pypyr itself: pypyr is an open-source task-runner. Use it automate anything by combining commands, scripts & applications into one pipeline process. You can run loops, conditionally execute steps based on conditions you specify, wait for status changes before continuing, break on failure conditions, retry automatically on errors and ignore errors.