Tech Lunch #8: ChatBots (2017-01-25)

Here’s a quick recap of the 8th Tech Lunch that we organised on Jan 25.


This month the topic was ChatBots. There was quite a lot of registered attendees (100). We had a bit more than half the attendees coming, and saw former attendees from previous Tech Lunches or meetups (like some members from the Paris Machine Learning Study Group we hosted a few weeks ago).

Tech Lunch #8 on

Longer version

##Talks :speaking_head:

We had speakers from a variety of backgrounds: our own @liam, Thomas Guenou from CommitStrip, and Pierre-Edouard Lieb from Recast.AI.

The talks were meant as an introduction to chatbots for non-specialists:

  • Let’s Chat(bot)! (see on YouTube)
    A 15-minute exploration of the history, present state, and future of the Chatbot ecosystem
  • The CommitStrip chatbot (see on YouTube)
    how we’ve built this bot (with many different APIs) and why we’ve launched a chatbot agency
  • Chatbots tools (see on YouTube)
    APIs and tools you need in order to build a great bot, followed by an overview of some of the best.

##Food :fork_knife_plate:

Food handling went fine: sandwiches and salads were ready before the attendees arrived.

Feedback :speech_balloon:

Once again very positive feedback both on content and meetup itself. Some attendees were also interested in knowing more about Algolia and asked about our open positions o/

Recruiting :busts_in_silhouette:

One attendee was interested in a Marketing position, she had a chat with @liam after the talks.

AV Setup :tv:

Almost everything was good: we double-checked the video and audio recording to avoid the last Tech Lunch’s recording problem.
The only issue we had is the third speaker having an issue with the hands-free mic, which we solved by giving him the catchbox. We’ll investigate this to improve for next time.

Social Media :speaker:

We didn’t live-tweet, but some attendees (including Algolians) did:


Tim uploaded the videos on youtube, see the links in the Talks section.

We have not yet defined the topic for the next Tech Lunch, and asked attendees to suggest topics of their interest.

If you have topic ideas, please send them to @pixelastic or to me!

That’s all folks! Thanks for reading so far :slight_smile:


Thanks for the summary @pln! I wish I could have been there but all the photos make me almost feel like I was :slight_smile:

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