TechLunch #13 Security 🔒: Recap

Hi everyone,

Here is a recap of last week’s TechLunch about Security. This TechLunch went particularly well. All the speakers had super interesting presentations and attendees were pretty happy. Our average grade on is 5 stars over 5!

Talks & videos

You can find the videos of the speakers on our Youtube channel and below.

• Antoine Cardon - SSHhidden feature and How to improve security

• Charles Bochet - How to Hack Your Neighbour’s webcam

• Don Goodman-Wilson - Good Security is Good UX --> Video

Social Media

There were several Tweets from the attendees, here is a selection:


Kuddos to @antoine.cardon for his great talk. People were passionate, full of questions and even continued the questions over Twitter!

Huge thanks to @jan.petr who hosted this TechLunch like a true professional.

Thank you also to @guy.daher & @lucas.bonomi for welcoming the attendees.

Next TechLunch

Next techLunch will be end of August, the topic and format is not defined yet. If you want to know when it’s announced, please join the Meetup group!

Thank you for reading so far,